May 10, 2016 fm


STOP telling me what I do, have, know, miss, like or love! You don’t know it. Stop using phrases that start with, We all/Everyone/Everybody…

STOP saying what the majority of speakers say. When many people say the same, it’s cliché. Cliché is Ebola for a speaker. One of my favorite cliché calls in public speaking is: Close you eyes please! Guess what, people can imagine stuff with their eyes open.

STOP saying Thank you at the end of your speech. Your speech is a gift. Do you say Thank you to someone in the moment you handover a present?

STOP talking about your topic only. Start to interact with your audience. Build bridges of empathy.

STOP rushing through your speech. The only perception I have is that you want to be back in your seat. Your speech is a gift. Pace down, make pauses and make me feel it’s a gift.

STOP giggling during your speech. It’s nervous giggling. All you convey is nervousness – a credibility killer!

STOP using your voice with the same pace, the same pitch, the same volume and without pauses. Start to use your voice like in real life. Whisper and whine and scream and shout – that’s your authentic voice!

STOP listening to your inner voice. Your inner voice is a cheat. The reality is the bell curve. That’s how an audience thinks.

STOP thinking about everything that cannot be done. Start doing stuff that could be done.

STOP comparing yourself with other speakers. Compare yourself with yourself – next time be better than the last time.

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