August 3, 2016 fm

The Real Gift


One day, after a two-day public speaking training, I received the most touching thank-you-note ever. It reminded me of the true power of public speaking: to say something meaningful to people who mean a lot to us. The question is: Will you stand up next time or will you stay seated?

This kind English lady will never remain seated again. In her thank-you-note she wrote,

But at the end of the day […] the real gift you have given me is about knowing that next time I have an incredibly important person in my life (like my brother, father, mother, husband, best friend) ask me to speak at their wedding, birthday or in a public moment that is special to them… I will have the courage to do that and say YES, I WILL! I missed my brother’s wedding, I missed my father’s 60th… but I won’t miss the next special occasion to speak ‘on stage’ about people who are very dear to me. To celebrate who they are in public with others.

Thank you so much, Nina, for your beautiful words.

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