September 19, 2016 fm

The Ultimate Driver Of Transformation


Today, I stumbled over one of those typical Facebook posts – the 12 Laws of Karma. Karma is a topic that intrigues me, so had a look. I got stuck with the first law.

Law number one – the Great Law. The Great Law of Karma says that, whatever one puts out into the Universe will come back to them. It’s also known as the law of cause and effect. For instance, if you want to receive friendship in life, you must be a good friend in the first place.

This makes total sense to me, and it made me reflect. When I look at my first seven years of leading communication trainings, I see an incremental process of transformation in my own training style.

In the beginnings I was already loud, demanding and a bit crazy. But I was crazy with the hand brake on. Then, with more experience, more try and error, more feedback, more positive results, I released that hand brake bit by bit.

What I witnessed is exactly what the Great Law of Karma tells us. The more energy I pumped into my training participants, the more personal growth they achieved.

My most recent highlight: I made a kind Catalan introvert give a part of his speech as if he were Leonidas. Just like in the movie 300. First, I demonstrated the style and then I let him perform his speech. Wow, what a difference!

The kind Catalan proved it one more time: Extroverts don’t have a monopoly on energy!

Today, I sing and I make them sing. Today, I dance and I make them dance. Today, I scream and I make them scream. Today, I drive my energy car without a hand brake. And I learned that this is the fastest lane to transformation. The ultimate driver of transformation is energy.

For me, the Great Law of Karma is an unshakeable truth. What is your truth as a leader of teams? Do you put everything in? Do you go all-in? Do you energize any meeting room the moment you enter?

If you have unmotivated people on your team, stop blaming them and change your attitude. It’s the Great Law of Karma.

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