October 16, 2016 fm

Do You Serve Crappy Fast Food When You Speak In Public?

Today, we had a special guest. For 16 years, our guest was a breeder of Golden Retrievers. Her life situation changed; she had to give up her passion. She was looking for a family for her last remaining Golden. She found us. Today, she came over to our house for lunch.

Why am I telling you this? I’m telling you this because of the lunch preparation process. For my better half Rose this was a special event. She wanted to show her gratitude and appreciation. That’s why, for three days, Rose had been thinking and talking about the food she wanted to prepare. In the end, she prepared a spectacular three-course lunch. Veggie spring rolls, an autumn salad and hot and spicy broccoli-beef. Our special guest loved it!

When you prepared your last presentation, did you invest the same amount of passion and enthusiasm? Was your audience also very special to you? If your presentation had been a three-course meal, what ingredients did you buy and where did you buy them? Organic and fresh or frozen fries – did you give it a good round of thorough thought?

Too many people serve crappy fast food when they speak in public. For me, every single presentation of your life should be a Michelin Star dish!

Our guest wouldn’t leave for hours and hours. She felt special and appreciated. No, Rose is not Ferrán Adriá. But she put in the same passion and enthusiasm. And she definitely didn’t serve crappy fast food.

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