April 12, 2017 fm

Four Empowering Public Speaking Lessons

For the seventh year in a row, I had the great honor and pleasure to work side by side with Conor Neill, my fabulous friend and terrific teacher at IESE Business School. Add personal growth pros like Tony Anagor, Tobias Rodrigues and John Zimmer and you end up suffering from inspirational stress!

We all come together once or twice a year to work with Executive MBAs from one of the top-ranked business schools in the world. It is always a highlight. This time in Barcelona was no exception. We kept pushing and pinching 117 people to make change happen. A change in the way they communicate, persuade, inspire.

But the classes are one thing. Conor has been diving deep into video blogging lately. So it was no wonder that he brought along all his video equipment, including his newest toy… a drone.

The result is a 12.5 minute learning experience for everyone who needs to communicate. John, Tobias, Tony and I share four specific public speaking lessons. Four lessons that have one thing in common: they will empower your public speaking and the way you communicate in general.

Specifically, you find inspiration to…

  • empower your body language,
  • empower your pause,
  • empower the way you give feedback,
  • empower the reason why you speak.

Have fun!

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