June 22, 2017 fm

Thank You And Welcome

For eight years, he was a loyal companion. Showing the image above, I started every single training with the same first question: Is there anyone here in the room, male or female, who knows the name of this gentleman? I heard good answers – Bell, Edison, Tesla, my granddad. But no, it was someone else. Only 15 people in eight long years knew the name of that gentleman.

Today, I say Thank you to the great Charles Chaplin. I have always loved his quote: A day without laughter is a day wasted. Personal growth needs laughter. His quote was always a great opener for me to indicate what was about to come.

Good vibes, humor, laughter – that is one thing. But I have also grown as a trainer. What was originally planned to be a plain source of income to keep me economically alive, has turned into the greatest gift I could have ever imagined. Today, I don’t teach. Today, I don’t train. Today, I witness how people transform into better versions of themselves.

There are no accidents. Today, as we were driving back from Barcelona to our mountainous village, Gloria Gaynor filled the car with excitement. It was not her number one hit. It was her number two – I am what I am.

I love music. Sometimes I listen to the lyrics. This time it hit me like a lightning:

Life’s not worth a damn till you can shout out. I am what I am.

I thought, Wow! That is exactly the essence of everything I preach in public speaking. I know about the original meaning of the song. But – if you think this only applies to your sexual orientation, you are so wrong! I have seen far too many who could not shout out who they were. Whatever they were (before the training ;)!

Audiences love, above all, your authenticity. But – are you authentic,if you do tell them about your edges and corners? Are you authentic, if you do not share your imperfections? Are you authentic, if you do not share the real you?

You are authentic, if you are what you are!

Welcome, Gloria! From now on, my trainings will start like this …


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