April 27, 2018 fm

A Tiny Giant For Better Structure Part 2

Three reasons, five benefits, the seven golden rules of storytelling by Aristotle – I have already told you about the importance of using signposts in public speaking. A signpost, this tiny giant for better structure, is such a simple tool, and yet, so many speakers forget about it.

Use signposts in your speeches and presentations for two reasons.

One, you pre-structure the minds of your audience. They know what is coming; it is easier for them to follow your points.

Two, it helps you, the speaker, to stick to your structure. Once you say, Our product offers three benefits for the customer, it is harder to talk about two benefits only.

I use signposts all the time. Before I click forward to a slide that shows four charisma drivers, I would say something like, There are four simple ways to boost your charisma… [click]

Below, I have created an overview of 30 alternative signposts for you. Take it as an inspiration and make sure that next time you help your audience with a signpost.

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  1. Juan Losada

    You’re a master!
    Contigo siempre aprendo algo.
    Danke schön!!

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