May 17, 2018 fm

My 10 Commandments For Successful Trainings

Is there anything more subjective than a personal opinion? My following ten commandments are based on nine years of experience as a corporate trainer. They work for me. If you have learned other drivers for successful trainings, feel free to share them in the comments below. I look forward to a fruitful discussion.

1. Kick out the camera

Aristotle did not have a camera either. Plus, almost all people I have met in my life hate listening to their own voice. But – the most critical point by far: You would analyze yourself. I don’t know anything more useless than your self-assessment in public speaking.

2. Play music

Music is emotion. Emotion is the soil of growth. Play music before and after and during all breaks. One of my best friends is Spotify.

3. Add rituals

Rituals like clapping before every speech or repeating the same opening song after each break create a sense of continuity. People appreciate continuity.

4. Make them act

In my trainings I give participants stage time, stage time, stage time. It is not called “learning by hearing”.

5. Run moderated feedback rounds

Maybe you know more than your participants in your specific field of expertise. But in the end your opinion is just one opinion. Everybody’s opinion matters.

6. Don’t be a teacher

Participate! Be one of them; make mistakes like them; learn with them; grow with them.

7. Break the rules

“Fuck it!” Be politically incorrect sometimes!

8. Be present

Be in the moment. Be with your team. From beginning to end.

9. Do it first

Everything you ask others to do, do it yourself first. If you ask them to sing, sing first. If you ask them to scream, scream first. You are the role model.

10. Accept no “No”

Like an eel they will seize any chance to slip away. “No” is not an option. Never. Ever.

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