February 14, 2019 fm

It Is Your Choice

I am guilty. You can point your finger at me. I do it too. I also talk about others. Talking about others must be a big part of our DNA. And no wonder. Imagine those days in those caves. No opera, no Netflix, no Barça games. Only some lame wall paintings. Stories told at the fireplace must have been the highlight of the day. And stories have always circled around characters. Let’s face it: We love to talk about others.

But – is talking about others the only thing I can talk about? Or, even deeper: Has talking about others ever helped me to become a better person myself?

Rhetorical questions need no answer.

Since I started my professional speaking career in 2009, the group of people I spend most time with has morphed into a group of friends who are passionate about personal growth. Personal growth, by definition, cannot be a superficial topic. Personal growth forces you to know thyself. And others. It is a deep, meaningful topic that makes you rebuild your comfort zone again and again.

In all those years of continuously slaughtering my own comfort zone, I learned about a powerful energy supply for growth: inspiration.

And here we go. I have never found inspiration in talking about others. I always find inspiration in listening to others. I find inspiration in listening to people’s dreams and broken dreams, their struggles and lessons learned. I find inspiration in their sweet memories and bitter moments. I find inspiration in how they turned their darkest hours into shining years.

I am guilty. I talk about others too. But that is only one of many topics. When I have dinner with my friends today, we love to ask meaningful, deep questions that everyone on the table has to answer. You cannot imagine how inspiring it is!

Personal growth is not a coaching session. And it is not a random online course either. Personal growth is everywhere and always and, especially, in our everyday conversations. You too have dinners with friends, don’t you? Maybe, next time, you want to give it a try and turn that tabloid table into a fountain of inspiration.

Talking about or listening to – it is your choice.

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