My rhetorical journey started in 2005 as a hobby speaker. In 2009, I turned my passion for public speaking into a profession starting off as a corporate trainer for rhetoric and charisma. And then, as time went by, more and more clients asked me, “Flo, can you also give a keynote speech at our event?” You know, what I answered…

Today, I’m a fully-fledged rhetorical hybrid: trainer and speaker.

All my keynote speeches are based on educational inspiration and range from 45 to 90 minutes.

Available both online and offline and in three languages (English, Spanish, German), you can choose between three speech topics.


The Ball Must Go In

The Scientific Art of Persuasion


The Charisma Kick

More Magnet With 5 Letters


Values Need No Poster

How to Empower Your Values

Apart from the classical keynote speech, you can also book an additional workshop (e.g. on persuasive communication). Speech-workshop-combos are increasingly popular for two reasons: One, your people can directly put the speech learnings into action. Two, you can take advantage of my presence. It’s one trip.

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