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Spectacular Speaking, Spectacular Barcelona

On March 13 and 14, 2015, the Spectacular Speaking crew led by delivery queen Olivia Schofield came together for the fifth time – this time in the Mediterranean pearl of Barcelona. It was another personal growth booster for everyone involved.

After Poznan, Cologne, Antwerp and Warsaw, this time we met in Barcelona. Two dozens of growth seekers came and found what they were looking for. Preparation, structure, stories, emotion, vulnerability and delivery – Day one covered the full range of spectacular public speaking. On the second day we digged deep into speech crafting, speaking and giving and receiving valuable feedback from the entire group.

As you can see in the photo below, we also knew how to bridge the two intensive training days with even more intensive Mediterranean wining and dining.

Below you can enjoy some of the most memorable lines.

We say thank you to all our great participants. And see you in 2016, then somewhere in Northern Europe!

Workshop lines

We print your craziness. (From an exercise to find the message.)

I’ll build a Big Fat Greek School. (From an exercise to find the message.)

You need purple cows in your presentations.

Dreams are visions without a plan. — Tobias Rodrigues

The bridge of good speaking is connection. — Tobias Rodrigues

Imagination is a highway to the emotional world. — Tobias Rodrigues

The hero’s journey: Home, challenge, struggle, transformation, home. — From Peter Zinn’s workshop

“Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty we are free at last. Thank you.” — John Zimmer giving an example of why we shouldn’t say thank you at the end of a speech.

Four steps of preparation: 1) Get an eagle’s view. 2) Define your objective. 3) What’s my key message? 4) Why should they care? — From John Zimmer’s workshop

Ask yourself, how can I serve the audience? — John Zimmer

Before you speak, get into a mindset of WOW! — Olivia Schofield

Speaking is a sport. — Olivia Schofield

The eyes are the windows to our soul. — Olivia Schofield

Your audience is like your lover. Your lover deserves 100% of your attention. — Olivia Schofield

Our job is to create visuals in the minds of the listener. — Olivia Schofield

All leadership is a decision between two bad options. — Unknown

Speech lines

Certainty of unhappiness is certainty enough.

Too lazy or too stupid. (First sentence)

If you do everything yourself, you’ll stay alone.

Defy the I-cannot!

Celebrating is investing.

A Brazilian in the middle of Wisconsin – that’s the new definition of loneliness.

I changed from being weird to being different.

Do you want to see how it looks on the other side of the door? (Metaphorical rhetorical question)

I never told this to anyone. (First sentence)

Findthatlead.com is the backstage pass for social media. (Sound bite)

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  1. Eggenberger Christian

    Dear spectacular ones
    I would like to join You the next time! Please supply me with the necessary information.
    Thanks so much. Christian

  2. Hello Florian

    Reading this sentence has made me feel like I am in the Spectacular Speaking event again! A week has passed since I was in the Spectacular Speaking and a few changes have occurred… Every morning at 10 am we do an inspirational (pitch) talk in the company to practice what we learnt with you. Coming to the course has given the power to believe I can be a Spectacular Speaker! I can now Structure a Speech, chose a great opening to engage with my audience, give them 3 reason and wrap it up with a closing and connect the speech with the opening. As I told you this is going to be the foundation of a new beginning. Thanks to all the Spectacular Speaking team in bringing your passions and love to the course. I will definitely come next year.

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