March 6, 2016 fm

Do You Speak German?

Guys, I did it! After almost seven years of professional speaking and corporate trainings I descend into the linguistic depth of the German language – my mother tongue. My first German book hits the market on 7th March 2016. And what a journey it was.

I remember how bold I was last September when I told my publisher REDLINE from Munich, I can deliver the script by the 8th of January. I can easily make it! Easily make it? Yeah sure. I sweat tears and blood to make that darn deadline. I thought I’d just translate The Seven Minute Star and Plus Plus, throw it together and a new book would magically pop up. I hadn’t reached page 2 when I let that plan drop like a hot potato.

Der Einfache Weg zum Begeisternden Vortrag is my entire rhetorical knowledge gathered in a period of ten years plus some Aristotle for the 21st century. (It’s impossible to avoid that guy!)

It’s also the first time I had the pleasure and honor to work with a team of professional publishers. Those guys love books! What a difference compared to my two self-published predecessors.

By the way, one of the reasons they bet on me and this book is that they see opportunities in my own network and professional career. Do you plan to write a book? When you talk to publishers in the future, make sure you emphasize on that additional marketing channel – your online and offline marketing activities. Book publishing has become a tough business. They need active authors.

Whatever happens after March 7th, one thing is certain: It’s not a small step for me as a professional speaker and trainer. I want to say thanks to all those who helped me climb that mountain without a peak since 2005. You know who you are – THANK YOU!

Do you speak German? Would you like to become a more powerful and persuasive speaker?


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