March 7, 2016 fm

Your Speech Is A Gift

Imagine this situation. One of your best friends has invited you to his place. It’s a birthday dinner with close friends. You know that your buddy loves red wine, particularly, Spanish red wine, precisely, Ribera del Duero. So off you go and buy a nice bottle of Ribera del Duero at the wine shop at the corner of your narrow street.

At 8:03 pm, just on time, you arrive at your friend’s place. You ring the bell. You can hear already the mumbling sound of happy voices coming from inside. Your friend George opens the door with a gigantic smile on his face. You smile too. You give him your gift and while you’re giving it to him, you say, Thank you!

What an awkward scene, isn’t it?

Guess what, you do exactly the same every time you end a speech or presentation. Your last sentence is… Thank you!

Your speech is a gift! And when we give a gift to someone we don’t say Thank you. You make your audience think, act or feel different after your speech. Your speech can be informative or  entertaining or persuasive or inspiring. Your speech is always a gift, a special gift. Just like that bottle of Spanish red wine.

Next time you speak in public, I suggest you avoid saying Thank you at the end of your speech. Instead, build a drainpipe. That’s so much cooler.

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