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Hey there! My name is Florian, but everyone calls me ‘Flo’. My clients, my brand buddies, consider me a European expert on rhetoric and charisma.

Back in 2009, I was facing financial ruin and had to turn my greatest passion – public speaking – into a profession. Ever since, I have had the privilege of training tons of individuals, many of whom have given me the ultimate compliment: “You’re the Jim Carrey of public speaking coaches!” I am thrilled to hear this, but I want you to know that public speaking is just one aspect of what I do.

My real goal is to help you transform yourself. Public speaking is merely the tool I use to help you achieve this transformation. By utilizing a wide range of techniques, from structure to storytelling, you will become a powerhouse of persuasion, gaining more self-confidence, authenticity, and charisma. Ultimately, the output of our work together will be your personal and professional growth.

All programs are available in English, Spanish, and German language – both offline and online.

But – before we talk, I invite you to take three steps.

If you still feel like talking to me after that, contact me anytime.

Cheerio and keep changing the world!

What’s New?

We Didn’t Grow, We Evolved

May 2024. From May 6-9, my friend and Leadership Gandalf, Conor Neill, and I combined our expertise in rhetoric and leadership coaching. Near Barcelona, in the beautiful Villa Almanita, we had the enormous honor and pleasure of evolving together with four ‘buffaloes’ from Argentina, Belgium, Mexico, and the US. We all embarked on 3.5-day trip of internal and external evolution. An unforgettable experience! From May 12-15, 2025, we will celebrate the second edition of the Buffalo Leadership Retreat. Contact me for more information.

Other Leaders Call Me for Four Reasons


Rhetoric forms the essence of my role as a corporate trainer and keynote speaker. Aristotle remains my guiding light even beyond his time. The power you have as a speaker is to persuade others and move them to action. And really, who doesn’t need this power? Persuasion is omnipresent in the business world. In my sessions, your people hone their rhetorical skills through public speaking. From structure to storytelling – your people learn how to shine on stage and screen.


Taming that beast of public speaking, your people also gain more and more self-confidence, authority, in the end, charisma. One charisma booster stands out in my sessions: vulnerability. Many people, in the past, have opened up in front of their colleagues more than they had ever done before. They feel the power of human connection. This particular exercise is sponsored by Kleenex.


Christopher Ratsch, Member of the Board of Mast-Jägermeister, said, “Flo’s feedback approach of PLUS and PLUSPLUS has transformed both the mindset and attitude of my team and reformed our way of working.” Feedback, for me, is by far the biggest growth booster for your people. In my sessions, negative feedback is completely forbidden. Only positive, only constructive. Several brand buddies have confirmed the massive impact on team effectiveness, once they embrace the PLUS and PLUSPLUS mindset.


The fourth big benefit for you is a collateral benefit. Teams of six to ten people delve, for two days, into a charisma-boosting world where colleagues show their most humane side. They don’t hide their emotions, they show their vulnerability and their imperfections. On top, there is also constant mutual support through positive and constructive feedback. How can you not grow together as a team?

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