Hey there! My name is Florian Mueck, but everyone calls me ‘Flo’. My clients consider me a European expert on rhetoric and charisma.

In 2009, I turned my biggest passion in life into a profession: public speaking. Over the years, so many training participants have told me the coolest thing ever: “Florian, you are the Jim Carrey of public speaking coaches.” I love it! But public speaking is only part of my work. Your benefit is the transformation you experience. Public speaking is the vehicle, but transformation–more self-confidence; more vulnerability, more authenticity, more charisma, more connection–is the destination. In the end, you grow in a way you never imagined.

All programs are available in English, Spanish, and German language – both offline and online!

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What’s New?

Spectacular Speaking 11 Made Berlin Sizzle

September 2021. For the 11th time, John Zimmer, Peter Zinn, and I followed our friend Olivia Schofield’s call of rhetorical duty. On 16-17 September 2021, our beloved multiple coach format ‘Spectacular Speaking’ returned to Germany’s crazy capital. 10 participants, 4 coaches… And what a blast it was! So much growth, so much inspiration, so much bonding. Spectacular Speaking 12 is already in the planning. Expected dates: 22-23 September 2022. More info at spectacularspeaking.com.

Coming Soon: Push Your Pitch

September 2021. The production of Push Your Pitch, the powerhouse of persuasion for freelancers, founders, and entrepreneurs, is running now at full force. So far, it has been an incredible journey of introspection and growth. Back in the day in 2005, when I fell in love with public speaking, I thought it was about me, the speaker. Soon, I learned that it was all about you. But this project takes it to a whole new level. Every single scene I shoot, I see you in front of me. Your success is my sole driver. This is purpose on steroids. The online course will go online by the end of October.

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