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Hey there! My name is Florian Mueck, but everyone calls me ‘Flo’. My clients, my brand buddies, consider me a European expert on rhetoric and charisma.

In 2009, facing a financial Armageddon, I had to turn my biggest passion in life into a profession: public speaking. Over the years, so many training participants have told me the coolest thing ever: “Florian, you are the Jim Carrey of public speaking coaches.” I love it! But public speaking is only part of my work. Your benefit is the transformation you experience. Public speaking is the input. The output is growth: more self-confidence, more authenticity, more charisma. In combination with tons of techniques – from structure to storytelling – you become a powerhouse of persuasion.

All programs are available in English, Spanish, and German language – both offline and online!

Before we talk, I invite you to take three steps.

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Cheerio and keep changing the world!

What’s New?

The Art of Building Charisma and Confidence

January 2023. I’m super happy that I could join The Happiness Podcast of my great friend Chris Erthel. In this episode, we discuss a broad range of what it takes to become a more charismatic and confident communicator – on and off the stage. Enjoy!

Pushing the Pitch of the Brightest

December 2022. Together with my new brand buddies from Intel, as part of Intel Ignite Europe, we have created a unique 2-month pitch coaching program for 10 promising deep-tech startups. Intel Ignite invests in founders who have the vision to shape the future of technology. Beginning with a 12-week program and continuing over a lifetime, their unique platform empowers startups to succeed through customized support, access to global business and technology leaders, and a preferred path to the best investors. It’s a privilege to learn and grow with some of the brightest out there. I’m also happy that John Zimmer can be part of this “deep-rhetoric” journey.

Why Do Potential Clients Call Me?

Cloud Solution Architects from Microsoft

Seven Triggers

They want to…

1. Boost the charisma of their leaders

2. Have more confident communicators in their ranks

3. Improve the persuasive skills of their teams

4. Breathe life into their data through storytelling

5. Build teams in an unconventional, more meaningful way

6. Upgrade their corporate event with an edutaining keynote speech

7. Work on an important pitch in a one-to-one session

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