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Hey there! My name is Florian, but everyone calls me ‘Flo’. My clients, my brand buddies, consider me a European expert on rhetoric and charisma.

Back in 2009, I was facing financial ruin and had to turn my greatest passion – public speaking – into a profession. Ever since, I have had the privilege of training tons of individuals, many of whom have given me the ultimate compliment: “You’re the Jim Carrey of public speaking coaches!” I am thrilled to hear this, but I want you to know that public speaking is just one aspect of what I do.

My real goal is to help you transform yourself. Public speaking is merely the tool I use to help you achieve this transformation. By utilizing a wide range of techniques, from structure to story-telling, you will become a powerhouse of persuasion, gaining more self-confidence, authenticity, and charisma. Ultimately, the output of our work together will be your personal and professional growth.

All programs are available in English, Spanish, and German language – both offline and online.

But – before we talk, I invite you to take three steps.

If you still feel like talking to me after that, contact me anytime.

Cheerio and keep changing the world!

What’s New?

Rock ‘n’ Rhetoric in Sofia

April 2023. On April 28th, 2023, the capital of Bulgaria paid homage to the art of public speaking and presenting. Present to Succeed, the brainchild of Boris Hristov and Iva Nachkova, was celebrated as a hybrid event. Having participated in the first two online editions of this fantastic event, I didn’t hesitate for a second when Boris invited me to speak at PTS23. And what an event it was! The amazing speakers, participants, and unforgettable moments made it an incredible experience. Thank you, Boris and Iva. I hope to see you at PTS24.

Charisma Booster en Castellano

Marzo 2023. El 23 de octubre de 2023 marcaré un momento trascendental en mi vida, al cumplir 50 años. A medida que nos acercamos a este hito significativo, ¡celebremos con estilo y sustancia! Únete a mí en un retiro de dos días en Bigues i Riells (Barcelona) en el pintoresco Hotel Molí de la Torre, propiedad de mi amigo Carles. Juntos, crearemos un oasis de aprendizaje enfocado en desarrollar tus habilidades retóricas, destreza en la oratoria y presencia carismática. Esta experiencia inmersiva te permitirá mejorar tus habilidades en estas áreas y dar un paso significativo hacia el logro de tus metas personales y profesionales. Más info.

Why Do Other Leaders Call Me?

Cloud Solution Architects from Microsoft

Seven Triggers

1. They want to boost the charisma of their people

2. They want to have more confident communicators in their ranks

3. They want to improve the persuasive skills of their teams

4. They want to breathe life into their data through storytelling

5. They want to build teams in an unconventional, more meaningful way

6. They want to upgrade their corporate event with an inspiring and educational keynote speech

7. They want to work on an important speech in a one-to-one session

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