The Value Of The Venue


Artchimboldi, Barcelona

In October 2010 I fell in love. I fell deeply in love. I fell deeply in love with… the Artchimboldi. I’ve led corporate trainings in messy office spaces, gray meeting rooms, standard five-star hotel meeting rooms in the basement without daylight. I’ve experienced the whole range of training venues – from feng shui heaven to . . . → Read More: The Value Of The Venue

Game Changer In The Making


The draft is done. By the end of 2016, I plan to self-publish my third book in English. The working title is, GAME CHANGER – Catapulting people and organizations out of their comfort zone. It’ll be a book about how to transform people from a corporate trainer’s point of view. It’ll be a book for leaders . . . → Read More: Game Changer In The Making



My friend and business partner, John Zimmer and I are thrilled to announce the launch of the app for Rhetoric – The Public Speaking Game™. It has been an incredible journey.

A few years ago, we looked for board games specifically designed for public speaking but could not find any. Because public speaking is such an important skill, . . . → Read More: RHETORIC The App

Generic Is Dead Long Live Specific


The longer I deal with the art of speaking, the more I’m frustrated with people’s incapability to give specific examples. Specific examples are more tangible, more relatable and they increase your logos value. More logos, more persuasive power. Contrariwise, generic content is as useless as a deaf spy.

For 3,013 days I worked as a business consultant. I experienced 128-slide business presentations. . . . → Read More: Generic Is Dead Long Live Specific

O Wonder O Wonder


In the eighth grade, I learned about a special box. It was in my physics class with Mr. Berger. This kind fellow with round spectacles, lumberjack shirt and greasy hair taught us about the black box.

In science, computing, and engineering, a black box is a device, system or object which can be viewed in terms of . . . → Read More: O Wonder O Wonder