Thank You And Welcome


For eight years, he was a loyal companion. Showing the image above, I started every single training with the same first question: Is there anyone here in the room, male or female, who knows the name of this gentleman? I heard good answers – Bell, Edison, Tesla, my granddad. But no, it was someone . . . → Read More: Thank You And Welcome

The Challenge Of Non-Cliché


IKIA is not the incorrectly spelt name of the Swedish furniture brand. IKIA is the acronym I use in my trainings to tackle boring content. Content is boring by definition when your audience thinks, I Know It Already! As a speaker, I cannot always reinvent the wheel, but, at least, I want to repaint . . . → Read More: The Challenge Of Non-Cliché

Be An Eel


My father loved to fish. He loved to fish so much. He loved to fish so much that sometimes there were fish everywhere in the house. Even in the sink of our kitchen. I remember an early morning when I was 12 years old. I entered the kitchen with tired eyes. On the floor . . . → Read More: Be An Eel

The Day I Did Not Listen To Axl


Growing up as the son of two socialist teachers has its funny flaws. In my case one of them was that my folks never really cared about technological advance. Born in 1973, I grew up with three German TV channels – all of them in black and white. When we finally got satellite TV . . . → Read More: The Day I Did Not Listen To Axl

Making Them Laugh With Slide Humor


Have you ever experienced a speech that was too funny? Your public speaking needs humor like Bon Jovi needs a bed of roses. Humor is pattern. This is great news for all those out there who have never been able to make anyone laugh – at no time, nowhere. Humor is never an accident; it . . . → Read More: Making Them Laugh With Slide Humor