100 Ways To Boost Your Charisma

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Five years of charisma trainings have taught me one thing: charisma is not 100% innate – at all! You, I, we all can increase our level of charisma. In this article I offer you a list of 100 charisma boosters. These 100 charisma boosters – hundreds of training participants came up with them, none of them innate – . . . → Read More: 100 Ways To Boost Your Charisma

The Three Powers Of The Pause


One of the greatest challenges for public speakers, especially for those who are at the sunrise of their rhetorical journey, is to stay silent when they face an audience. The pause is the most powerful word in public speaking. A true paradox – I learned that audiences can hear your pauses.

A pause is powerful for three effects – the . . . → Read More: The Three Powers Of The Pause

Where Has All The Rhetoric Gone?


The more I dedicate myself to the scientific art of speaking, the more I dig into the field of persuasion and inspiration, the more I know about communication in general, the more I ask myself one question: Where has all the rhetoric gone?

A robust pillar of political science in Ancient Greece – today it has completely . . . → Read More: Where Has All The Rhetoric Gone?

Let’s Not Talk About Sex


One of my absolute favorite rhetorical devices is paralipsis. Paralipsis means omission. You omit something you say by saying that you don’t say it. Eh?

Paralipsis harbors two great benefits. First, it’s a wonderful way to mention something completely unmentionable in an intelligent manner.

My friend and professional speaker Olivia Schofield once led a Toastmasters meeting in her Berlin-based club. In . . . → Read More: Let’s Not Talk About Sex

Speak To Their Nose


Do you remember when you were born? I don’t. But my mom told me that, at the beginning, my eyes were closed most of the time. I witnessed the same with my son Alvaro. When we are born, the one sense we hardly use is our visual sense. Yet, when we are adult communicators, the one . . . → Read More: Speak To Their Nose