“One of my clients once told me: ‘Florian, you are the ACDC of public speaking coaches.’ I loved it! But public speaking is only part of my work with others. A more important part is the transformation they experience. Public speaking is the vehicle, but transformation–more self-confidence; more emotion; more vulnerability, more authenticity, more charisma–is the destination. In the end, people grow in a way they never imagined. And, like ACDC, they are ‘Thunderstruck’.” — Florian

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“Public speaking is a mountain without a peak.”




Open Events

The Charisma Booster is back in town! Thanks to the rising demand for open trainings, I will organize another Charisma Booster I in Barcelona end of May 2018. The training language will be English. Here you find more detailed information.

Welcome to Spectacular Speaking VII. For the seventh time, my friend and professional speaker Olivia Schofield unites her boys – John Zimmer, Peter Zinn and me – in Berlin. What makes this event so special is that we are all family. You won’t just attend a massive public speaking training; you won’t just learn and speak and be inspired; you will feel home.

For the fourth time, I join rhetorical forces with Timo Sorri and John Zimmer in Helsinki. “Master the Art of Presenting” will inspire and challenge you to become a better speaker and leader.


“Your audience doesn’t care about your fear of public speaking.”






“Negative feedback is poison.”


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The False Fear Of Emotions

Thousands of speeches. Thousands of people, characters, personalities. In 12 countries. I have had them all: the introverts and the extroverts, the geeks and the alpha dogs, the eternal sunshines and the heavy souls. But one thing never failed - ever: The one thing that builds positive human connections - more than anything else - is making ourselves vulnerable. I have heard it all: the boyfriend who beat her, the girlfriend who died, the difficult relationships with fathers, the kleptomaniac behavior during teenage years, the depressions and the burnouts, the accidents and the broken dreams, the betrayal of a friend and the betraying of a friend, the alcoholic mothers and the drug addicts, the bullies and the bullied, the cancers and the deaths. In the end, I have heard thousands of speeches about the dark side of life. And in all those training rooms from Munich to Miami I learned one unshakable fact: The darker it gets the more I

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The Horrid Beauty Of Menorca

A positive feedback fanatic and a constructive feedback freak - that is who I am, today! In my trainings, poisonous expressions like “too” or “very” or “missing” are forbidden. I consider negative feedback poison. But - was I always like that? It must have been my third year in Toastmaster International. Yes! It was back in 2008. I remember it was a hot and humid Barcelona afternoon. I walked up the wide stairs of the building sweating like a rainforest. That day, we were few people in our temporary club home, an English language school. There was Canadian Angela; there was Malaysian Rose, there was J. from Spain and another dozen of members and guests. To be exact, J. comes from the small Balearic island of Menorca. When he passed over his Competent Communicator manual, I could feel his anxiety. Ice breaker day - his first speech in Toastmasters! Anyone who walked through this public speaking hell will remember that

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When I Was An Assistant To A Board Member

Whenever you are asked if you can do a job, tell 'em, 'Certainly I can!' Then get busy and find out how to do it. Without a doubt, Theodore Roosevelt was a smart man. In my life I have always strived to follow Roosevelt's maxim. But sometimes the putting into action of a maxim can end up on a bumpy road. A banking event in Frankfurt in August 2001. I was a second year young professional at KPMG, the advisory firm. The head of our business line and member of the board, Dr. Peter Wesner, took me aside and with his sonorous voice he said: Mr. Mueck, would you consider traveling around with me for a while? An indirect direct offer to become an assistant to the board... I was only 29 years old! I felt proud. A rhetorical question needs no answer - still, I said, Certainly I can! Soon I entered the bumpy road. Tons of new tasks, both

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“Charisma is a skill.”


Rhetoric – The Public Speaking Game

Public speaking. The mere thought of it can set hearts pounding! And yet, being able to communicate one’s ideas in public is an important and sought-after skill. Rhetoric–The Public Speaking Game™ will help you become a better speaker and have fun in the process!

RHETORIC will challenge, engage and entertain you with a series of public speaking tasks. You and your fellow players will step onto the stage and take turns delivering a series of short speeches, as determined by the squares on which you land.

For the past few years, people around the world have played the board game version RHETORIC in companies, organizations and homes. RHETORIC is now available as an app. For more info go to rhetoricgame.com.

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Wedding Speech Designer

For many people, public speaking is a big challenge. And when you have to speak about someone you love, the challenge is even bigger. Welcome to the wedding speech!

Delivering a speech at a loved one’s wedding is an honor. You should do it justice. And you can!

This course will ensure that your wedding speech is moving and memorable. In four simple steps, you will build a terrific speech. You will know what to say and how to say it.

And they will love it!

In this online course you will learn how to

  • structure and build your wedding speech.
  • fill the structure with entertaining content – humorous, emotional, memorable.
  • perform your wedding speech with more impact thanks to concrete tips and techniques for a more powerful delivery.


The first book from 2010. A short and intense read. Great for beginners – it covers 15 steps to becoming an even more inspiring speaker.

Buy on Amazon.

The second book from 2013. A great read especially for Toastmasters who want to upscale their evaluation skills. Focusing on content, delivery and slides, it offers 108 ideas for better speaking.

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In 2016 I published this one in German language. It‘s a mix of the first two books plus numerous new insights and ideas. A complete guide to public speaking and persuasion.

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In 2017, again in German language, I published this guide to visual presentations together with my friend and fellow speaker and blogger John Zimmer. It combines practical tips and experiences with technical insights.

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