Include Them All


Either he’s a natural talent (something I don’t believe in anymore in public speaking) or he’s mega smart or he’s just a super nice guy. I think it’s a 20/40/40 mix. Fact is, Matthias from Frankfurt said something in a speech that I hadn’t heard in all those years of dealing with the scientific art of . . . → Read More: Include Them All

It Happened


Two days ago.
It happened. An empty sheet.
I so wanted to feed
that blinking line. Where’s the divine
inspiration gone?
No zero, no one – none?
This is how you treat me, fate?
On a stoic flight through a stormy night?
On a flight too late?
Once again?
My book, our book,
I need a hook or two
to do what I’m supposed to do.
A fool I . . . → Read More: It Happened

A Tiny Giant For Better Structure


It was a beautiful sunny day in the mountains. Together with my little man Álvaro and his school buddy Jordi, I joined a friendship hike of the Rotary club of my special Rose. We, a group of three dozens of humanitarian freaks, went for an excursion in Montseny, the spectacular mountain range 30 miles in the north . . . → Read More: A Tiny Giant For Better Structure

Why Don’t We Talk Like We Draw?


I just came back from an incredibly inspiring event. Together with my fellow personal growth warriors Tony Anagor and Tobias Rodrigues we had organized the third round of Pit Stop for Game Changers. What can I say…  Wonderful venue, wonderful people, wonderful inspiration. Especially one workshop made me reflect.

Jürgen Salenbacher, an international expert in personal branding, facilitated one of the . . . → Read More: Why Don’t We Talk Like We Draw?

Four Superpowers Of The Closed Question


I never understood it. I will never understand it. Why do untrained speakers avoid questions like Donald Trump avoids intellectual discussions? They prefer to say phrases like; I don’t know who of you have been to New York. Or worse, they make assumptious statements like; We all have regrets in life.

Not knowing something doesn’t sound very convincing to me. . . . → Read More: Four Superpowers Of The Closed Question