10 Ways To Destroy Your First Impression


I’m a great fan of Ernest Hemingway. Think about him. Think about his 1952 classic The Old Man and the Sea. How does a writer like Hemingway start his book? I mean the first lines. Does he say, Dear reader, it’s a great pleasure and honor to welcome you in my book today. My name . . . → Read More: 10 Ways To Destroy Your First Impression

Spectacular Speaking, Spectacular Barcelona


On March 13 and 14, 2015, the Spectacular Speaking crew led by delivery queen Olivia Schofield came together for the fifth time – this time in the Mediterranean pearl of Barcelona. It was another personal growth booster for everyone involved.

After Poznan, Cologne, Antwerp and Warsaw, this time we met in Barcelona. Two dozens . . . → Read More: Spectacular Speaking, Spectacular Barcelona

Have You Ever Been On Morphine?


Your first sentence is my biggest fetish in public speaking. As a public speaker and trainer I’m fanatical about your first sentence. To capture 100% of the audience attention in the first couple of seconds – that is true art.

One of the five patterns for the first sentence I teach and use the . . . → Read More: Have You Ever Been On Morphine?

We Dove, We Dared, We Discovered


On March 14 and 15, 2014, in Warsaw I had the enormous pleasure to participate once again in one of our Spectacular Speaking events. Organized by founder Olivia Schofield and the Polish power pack Jerzy Zientkowski and Justine Holubowicz, for the first time we offered an optional second day of personal super growth.

The . . . → Read More: We Dove, We Dared, We Discovered

Public Speaking At A Glance


Dear friend of charismatic communication!

I created a one-pager for you covering all those aspects that make public speaking a true art.

HERE you can download the PDF version for free.

If you do so, please leave a short comment below. Very much appreciated.

Further reading on this subject you find in my books . . . → Read More: Public Speaking At A Glance