Keep Your Hand Down


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I’m a great fan of the so-called „American style“ of presenting. The majority of American speakers throw tons of positivity, tons of energy, tons of enthusiasm onto their audience. I love it! At the beginning of my trainings I declare, Those of you who don’t dig the American style of presenting, this . . . → Read More: Keep Your Hand Down



Her face went red. Her breathing got faster. Panic overcame her, and she barked at me: This is a public speaking course. I’m here to speak, not to sing. I will not sing!

Catharsis (from Greek κάθαρσις katharsis meaning “purification” or “cleansing”) is the purification and purgation of emotions—especially pity and fear—through art or . . . → Read More: Catharsis

They Will Never Save The World


This April we’ll be back. We’ll be back at IESE Business School. Together with my fellow comfort zone transformers, we’ll boost the persuasive power of 250 Executive MBAs both in Barcelona and Madrid. And once again we’ll hear our friend Conor Neill say, The eight most significant words for any persuasive communicator are, ‘After . . . → Read More: They Will Never Save The World

Senses, Wine And Public Speaking


What role do our senses play when we buy a bottle of wine in the supermarket? How do our senses influence our consumer behavior in general? And what can public speakers learn from sensory marketing? Dr. Martin Kern offers the answers in this interview.

Martin is the Managing Director of SAM Sensory and Marketing . . . → Read More: Senses, Wine And Public Speaking

How To Flourish PERMAnently

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Yesterday, I attended a great inspiring event – the AWE Summit in Barcelona. AWE stands for assertive women entrepreneurs. I can tell you one thing: When you’re in a room with 50 strong, independent women and you’re one of three guys, you feel female power!

In a TED-style format with speeches of less than . . . → Read More: How To Flourish PERMAnently