Seven Reasons Why You Should Never Work With Me


It’s always the same. It happens every single time. In every single first meeting with any single new potential client, here we go… THE question: “So… [followed by a long and tension building pause, which is built in on purpose – that’s why they call it a dramatic pause!] … Why should we work with . . . → Read More: Seven Reasons Why You Should Never Work With Me

Be A Scientific Entertainer


Engineers, software developers, scientists – one of their biggest fears on stage is that their more logic-based audiences could perceive their presentations as mere show. Show for them is when presenters focus more on delivery than on content.

And because they’re so afraid of a hypothetical audience reaction – they have never really experienced . . . → Read More: Be A Scientific Entertainer

The One Hundred Zero Goal


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To date, I’ve experienced more than 4,000 three to five-minute speeches in my trainings. Speeches about life, speeches about business, motivational speeches, inspirational speeches, emotional speeches. I detected patterns for improvement; I detected patterns of rhetorical gold.

One thing I struggle with is that I easily get bored because . . . → Read More: The One Hundred Zero Goal

Learn From The English!


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He flew in from London. He was the alpha dog. The head of the banking team at one of the big global advisory firms.

11:02 am. There he is on stage – the keynote speaker! In his hand a cup of coffee. Wow, I think, a visual aid. Great. Then . . . → Read More: Learn From The English!

Are You A Powerful Workshop Leader?


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In November 2013, I led a workshop on the success factors for effective workshops. 80+ participants came up with a whole range of success factors. One group of factors focused on the workshop leader, the other group on the workshop format. This post dedicates 26 questions to the . . . → Read More: Are You A Powerful Workshop Leader?