Join Us At The Next Pit Stop For Game Changers


November 23-25 2016 – Imagine a fireplace. The smoke fills the room. Your lungs feel dizzy. Outside, 13 horses dream of towers of hay. You sit in front of the flickering flames – among equals. You tell stories – stories of change, stories of meaning, stories of life. You inspire the others; the others . . . → Read More: Join Us At The Next Pit Stop For Game Changers

You Already Have It


Do you remember Columbo alias Peter Falk in his worn-out trench coat? I loved that show when I was a teenager. The other day, a female training participant borrowed a page from the style-guide of Columbo. The training was over. Everyone had left the modernist training room. She was the last one. And just . . . → Read More: You Already Have It

Why You?


What differentiates you from others? Why should we work with you? Or simply, Why you?

Do these or similar questions sound familiar to you as a professional service provider? I hear them again and again. Honestly, sometimes it annoys me to start all over again with every single new prospect. What I forget is . . . → Read More: Why You?

Are You A Survivor?


In 2001, Destiny’s Child smashed the billboard charts with their smash hit Survivor. I was 28 years old and Survivor was one of the club hits that year. I can still smell the disco smoke when I think of all those young souls jumping around, all of them wanting to survive.

The chorus of . . . → Read More: Are You A Survivor?

The Real Gift


One day, after a two-day public speaking training, I received the most touching thank-you-note ever. It reminded me of the true power of public speaking: to say something meaningful to people who mean a lot to us. The question is: Will you stand up next time or will you stay seated?

This kind English . . . → Read More: The Real Gift