The Future Speaks AGILE


José E. Rodríguez and I met in October 2013. I was invited to give a workshop at a weird event in the South of Barcelona – an AGILE Coach Camp. That was my first encounter with the future – the future of how we do business in companies. Ever since the word AGILE haunts . . . → Read More: The Future Speaks AGILE

Senses, Wine And Public Speaking


What role do our senses play when we buy a bottle of wine in the supermarket? How do our senses influence our consumer behavior in general? And what can public speakers learn from sensory marketing? Dr. Martin Kern offers the answers in this interview.

Martin is the Managing Director of SAM Sensory and Marketing . . . → Read More: Senses, Wine And Public Speaking

Normal Is Not Their Standard


maorix via Compfight cc

At our last edition of the Spectacular Speaking series in Warsaw we had some special guests. Peter Vitezy and Mark Mulrainey from Actionlab Consulting based in Budapest. The Actionlab guys have developed several completely different training formats for international companies. They started off with using poker to improve one’s decision-making . . . → Read More: Normal Is Not Their Standard

Never Questions, Never Answers


For my two-day public speaking seminars I have participants send me a slide presentation one week before the training. Seeing is believing – that’s why I work on alternative slides at home, which I show them once they’ve finished their presentations.

Often their last slide says Q&A. I replace it by something else, mostly . . . → Read More: Never Questions, Never Answers

Learning From A Guest Artist


He’s a living legend of event management… Manfred Schmidt. For more than 40 years he’s been one of the top event managers in Germany and elsewhere around the globe. For Manfred the key success factor of any event is interpersonal communication. From Robbie Williams to Angela Merkel, from Tina Turner to Celine Dion – . . . → Read More: Learning From A Guest Artist