A Collection Of Great Seminar Phrases


It’s Peter Zinn’s fault. My friend a fellow professional speaker from the Netherlands said it again and again: You need a story book, Florian! The format doesn’t matter, but as a public speaker you need a place where you store ideas for your stories and speeches. These ideas, you gather them every day and . . . → Read More: A Collection Of Great Seminar Phrases

The Challenge Of Non-Cliché


IKIA is not the incorrectly spelt name of the Swedish furniture brand. IKIA is the acronym I use in my trainings to tackle boring content. Content is boring by definition when your audience thinks, I Know It Already! As a speaker, I cannot always reinvent the wheel, but, at least, I want to repaint . . . → Read More: The Challenge Of Non-Cliché

Be An Eel


My father loved to fish. He loved to fish so much. He loved to fish so much that sometimes there were fish everywhere in the house. Even in the sink of our kitchen. I remember an early morning when I was 12 years old. I entered the kitchen with tired eyes. On the floor . . . → Read More: Be An Eel

When The Audience Starts To Mentally Vomit

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 14.51.34

What is the second slide in a PowerPoint presentation after the deadly boring title slide? Sometimes it’s the deadly boring agenda; sometimes, and that is even worse, it’s the “About me” slide. When the audience sees the “About me” slide they start to mentally vomit.

Having said that, the “About me” slide is supposed . . . → Read More: When The Audience Starts To Mentally Vomit

Four Empowering Public Speaking Lessons

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For the seventh year in a row, I had the great honor and pleasure to work side by side with Conor Neill, my fabulous friend and terrific teacher at IESE Business School. Add personal growth pros like Tony Anagor, Tobias Rodrigues and John Zimmer and you end up suffering from inspirational stress!

We all . . . → Read More: Four Empowering Public Speaking Lessons