How Can You Become A Spectacular Speaker In Just Two Days?


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Public Speaking Training In Football Shrine


On April 24 and 25 2014, I’ll be holding a very special public speaking training.

This training is special for two reasons. One, it’s an open training, which means that anyone can participate. I normally offer corporate inhouse seminars only. Two, the venue.

Thanks to my new cooperation with the Munich-based retention specialists . . . → Read More: Public Speaking Training In Football Shrine

Is Your Slide Nespresso?


Here’s the situation.

You have to present something. It could be a sales presentation, a pitch for funding, or a project update – whatever.

You create a slide presentation to visually complement your verbal and non-verbal communication.

In the upcoming meeting you’ll have a screen available to present those slides. Big screen, small screen, . . . → Read More: Is Your Slide Nespresso?

Annual Report of Charisma Boosting 2013


Dear Friend of Charismatic Communication!

2013 has been another steep climb for me on the mountain of personal and professional growth. Now in the fifth year of training, speaking and writing I’m more convinced than ever that it’s not the peak, which is important – it doesn’t exist anyway. It’s the ascent, the journey. On . . . → Read More: Annual Report of Charisma Boosting 2013

When The Wall Street Journal Called


The other day a determined lady took me by surprise. I was just helping to prepare a family BBQ at my mom’s place when my phone rang. It was that determined lady who said that she was a journalist with The Wall Street Journal Europe.

She began to talk. I’ve found you on the web. . . . → Read More: When The Wall Street Journal Called