Do Clothes Make The Speaker?


The year: 2014. The location: an amphitheater-style classroom in Madrid. I was staring at business suits, ties and designer blouses. 70 eyes were staring at me. The business development and sales team of the renowned IESE Business School had invited me to give a half-day lecture on slide presentations. Just when I was about . . . → Read More: Do Clothes Make The Speaker?

Seven Characteristics I Love In A Leader


So many books, thousands of books, millions of books have been written about the stuff that makes a great leader. But what makes a great leader for you? I thought about all the people whom I admire for their leadership skills – among them my former biology teacher, Mr. Rundler, and my dad, in . . . → Read More: Seven Characteristics I Love In A Leader

Five Myths Of Public Speaking


In popular use, a myth can be a collectively held belief that has no basis in fact. In the first ten years of pushing my own limits in public speaking, I came across several collectively held believes that have no basis in fact. Here are my five favorite myths of public speaking. Myth 1: . . . → Read More: Five Myths Of Public Speaking

Spectacular Speaking, Spectacular Barcelona


On March 13 and 14, 2015, the Spectacular Speaking crew led by delivery queen Olivia Schofield came together for the fifth time – this time in the Mediterranean pearl of Barcelona. It was another personal growth booster for everyone involved.

After Poznan, Cologne, Antwerp and Warsaw, this time we met in Barcelona. Two dozens . . . → Read More: Spectacular Speaking, Spectacular Barcelona

10 Authority Killers You Can Easily Escape From


Why should we, the audience, believe you, the speaker? Ethos, credibility, is one of Aristotle’s three pillars of persuasion. We walk through life assuming that others would believe us. But no, credibility is not a given. You must earn your credibility.

In my recent article, Do it like Aristotle, I outlined the four building . . . → Read More: 10 Authority Killers You Can Easily Escape From