Normal Is Not Their Standard


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At our last edition of the Spectacular Speaking series in Warsaw we had some special guests. Peter Vitezy and Mark Mulrainey from Actionlab Consulting based in Budapest. The Actionlab guys have developed several completely different training formats for international companies. They started off with using poker to improve one’s decision-making . . . → Read More: Normal Is Not Their Standard

Public Speaking Training In Football Shrine


On April 24 and 25 2014, I’ll be holding a very special public speaking training.

This training is special for two reasons. One, it’s an open training, which means that anyone can participate. I normally offer corporate inhouse seminars only. Two, the venue.

Thanks to my new cooperation with the Munich-based retention specialists . . . → Read More: Public Speaking Training In Football Shrine

Annual Report of Charisma Boosting 2013


Dear Friend of Charismatic Communication!

2013 has been another steep climb for me on the mountain of personal and professional growth. Now in the fifth year of training, speaking and writing I’m more convinced than ever that it’s not the peak, which is important – it doesn’t exist anyway. It’s the ascent, the journey. On . . . → Read More: Annual Report of Charisma Boosting 2013

Why Public Speaking?


Today I heard that same comment for the bazillionth time. A friend, even a Toastmaster friend, asked me, Why would companies organize public speaking seminars? Those people don’t need to speak in public!

Well, apart from the great saying, Whether it’s one person or a 1,000 people, it’s always public speaking, here are 20 . . . → Read More: Why Public Speaking?

Five Golden Rules For Seminar Participants


1. I’m committed to grow

There’s a huge difference between seminar participants who join the trainings voluntarily and those who are sent by their bosses. Only in the second group I sometimes face characters who lack commitment to grow. Those people waste their time and the time of all other seminar participants. Bosses should . . . → Read More: Five Golden Rules For Seminar Participants