My signature training for corporates. We dedicate two full days to the scientific art of persuasive communication. Groups of 6 to 10 learn by doing and give and receive tons of positive and constructive feedback.

For those who cannot get enough… Part 2. More charisma boosting, more training, more feedback.

Push Your Pitch, the online course is a powerhouse of rhetoric for anyone who wants to sell an idea. In a 7+1-step process, you will build a rock-solid pitch for your idea.

Also consider booking the one-on-one Push Your Pitch service, where we work together for four hours to prepare for your upcoming speech or presentation. I’ll guide you step-by-step through the preparation process. As a result, you will have tackled the following challenges: audience-speaker-subject, objective, message, relevance, and structure. On top, you will receive valuable tips on memorable content.

“Florian inspired our top leaders with his high energy and reflections on leadership and change – a highlight of our leadership conference!” — Volker Zöller, President Consumer Goods, Essity.com

Collaborating with an amazing assembly of fellow speakers and trainers, we can create tailor-made multiple coach formats for individual training needs.

Only a Few Times per Year: Open Sessions