Seven Reasons Why You Should Never Work With Me


It’s always the same. It happens every single time. In every single first meeting with any single new potential client, here we go… THE question: “So… [followed by a long and tension building pause, which is built in on purpose – that’s why they call it a dramatic pause!] … Why should we work with . . . → Read More: Seven Reasons Why You Should Never Work With Me

Do Clothes Make The Speaker?


The year: 2014. The location: an amphitheater-style classroom in Madrid. I was staring at business suits, ties and designer blouses. 70 eyes were staring at me. The business development and sales team of the renowned IESE Business School had invited me to give a half-day lecture on slide presentations. Just when I was about . . . → Read More: Do Clothes Make The Speaker?

Do It The Croatian Way*


He’s one of my best friends, and I could hate him — sometimes.

I’ve known Tiho, my Croatian friend, since our university days. His family originally comes from Croatia, but he was born and raised in the beautiful countryside around Lake Tegernsee in Bavaria. Like most Croatians, Tiho is extremely cool. When he’s speaking . . . → Read More: Do It The Croatian Way*

You Already Have It


Do you remember Columbo alias Peter Falk in his worn-out trench coat? I loved that show when I was a teenager. The other day, a female training participant borrowed a page from the style-guide of Columbo. The training was over. Everyone had left the modernist training room. She was the last one. And just . . . → Read More: You Already Have It

Game Changer In The Making


The draft is done. By the end of 2016, I plan to self-publish my third book in English. The working title is, GAME CHANGER – Catapulting people and organizations out of their comfort zone. It’ll be a book about how to transform people from a corporate trainer’s point of view. It’ll be a book . . . → Read More: Game Changer In The Making