The Ultimate Driver Of Transformation


Today, I stumbled over one of those typical Facebook posts – the 12 Laws of Karma. Karma is a topic that intrigues me, so had a look. I got stuck with the first law.

Law number one – the Great Law. The Great Law of Karma says that, whatever one puts out into the . . . → Read More: The Ultimate Driver Of Transformation

Game Changer In The Making


The draft is done. By the end of 2016, I plan to self-publish my third book in English. The working title is, GAME CHANGER – Catapulting people and organizations out of their comfort zone. It’ll be a book about how to transform people from a corporate trainer’s point of view. It’ll be a book . . . → Read More: Game Changer In The Making

O Wonder O Wonder


In the eighth grade, I learned about a special box. It was in my physics class with Mr. Berger. This kind fellow with round spectacles, lumberjack shirt and greasy hair taught us about the black box.

In science, computing, and engineering, a black box is a device, system or object which can be viewed . . . → Read More: O Wonder O Wonder

The SIXT Experience


A few weeks back, I helped Cathrin with her presentation. Cathrin, a great client for years, had to speak to the board of executives of her company. Her topic: motivation. At first I thought, Motivation… again?? But my client burns for this topic. Cathrin’s motivation to speak about motivation is contagious.

She was given . . . → Read More: The SIXT Experience

Will You Clean That Toilet?


In the midst of May 2016, I had the great honor to co-moderate our national conference of Rotary International in Spain. It was a very special event because we could welcome a very special guest – the President of Rotary International 2015-16, K. R. Ravindran from Sri Lanka. In his keynote address, he shared . . . → Read More: Will You Clean That Toilet?