Do You Like Forced Rhetorical Answers?


There are good rhetorical questions and there are bad rhetorical questions. At least, that’s the way I see it. The bad ones lead to “forced rhetorical answers”. They’re manipulative and can even annoy your audience. My suggestion is that you avoid manipulative rhetorical questions when you speak in public.

Public speakers have been using . . . → Read More: Do You Like Forced Rhetorical Answers?

Is Name-Dropping Really Bad?


Think about the greenest grass you’ve ever seen. Now add 50 shades of green. That’s how the grass looks like at Getxo golf club outside of Bilbao in Basque Country. The year: 2006. We stand on the terrace of the main building. In our hands delicious Basque pintxos and heavy red wine from Rioja. . . . → Read More: Is Name-Dropping Really Bad?

Do You Know How To Tell A Sticky Story?


How does a business guy from Toronto to Tokyo tell the story of The Lord of the Rings? It goes like this: A normal guy from next door has to destroy a ring. He achieves his goal and goes back home. Strike! What a fantastic story! When I was a business consultant myself for . . . → Read More: Do You Know How To Tell A Sticky Story?

The Anxiety Equation


It was cold outside, but warm were the hearts of our Finnish friends. On October 20-21, I attended the event “Master the Art of Presenting” in Helsinki, organized by my fellow Toastmaster Timo Sorri and his company Havain. It was an amazing event full of priceless inspiration. In this article I share with you one . . . → Read More: The Anxiety Equation

Do You Serve Crappy Fast Food When You Speak In Public?


Today, we had a special guest. For 16 years, our guest was a breeder of Golden Retrievers. Her life situation changed; she had to give up her passion. She was looking for a family for her last remaining Golden. She found us. Today, she came over to our house for lunch.

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