The Value Of The Venue


Artchimboldi, Barcelona

In October 2010 I fell in love. I fell deeply in love. I fell deeply in love with… the Artchimboldi. I’ve led corporate trainings in messy office spaces, gray meeting rooms, standard five-star hotel meeting rooms in the basement without daylight. I’ve experienced the whole range of training venues – from feng . . . → Read More: The Value Of The Venue

Your Speech Is A Gift


Imagine this situation. One of your best friends has invited you to his place. It’s a birthday dinner with close friends. You know that your buddy loves red wine, particularly, Spanish red wine, precisely, Ribera del Duero. So off you go and buy a nice bottle of Ribera del Duero at the wine shop at . . . → Read More: Your Speech Is A Gift

Be A Scientific Entertainer


Engineers, software developers, scientists – one of their biggest fears on stage is that their more logic-based audiences could perceive their presentations as mere show. Show for them is when presenters focus more on delivery than on content.

And because they’re so afraid of a hypothetical audience reaction – they have never really experienced . . . → Read More: Be A Scientific Entertainer

The Future Speaks AGILE


José E. Rodríguez and I met in October 2013. I was invited to give a workshop at a weird event in the South of Barcelona – an AGILE Coach Camp. That was my first encounter with the future – the future of how we do business in companies. Ever since the word AGILE haunts . . . → Read More: The Future Speaks AGILE

Say Things Differently


In his immortal Gettysburg address, Abe Lincoln opened his mouth and said, Four score and seven years ago… He could’ve said, 87 years ago. But he didn’t. Instead, he used the old English expression for 20, which is score. When you speak in public, when you communicate in your company, when you talk to . . . → Read More: Say Things Differently